Monday, July 12, 2010

We're moving, we're moving!

Hello all,

Last week my mom found us the most precious house! She's taken bunches of pictures and we are in love with it! The house is not even a whole block away from my mom. It has hardwood floors all the way through and tile in the kitchen and bathroom. It is soo precious! It's a little pricier than we wanted. However, its worth it being in the middle of town and so close to my mom. We are so excited! We are set to move at the end of this month =).

School is going great and so unbelievably hard. It's just three times the amount of reading than i'm use too. Its not really hard it's just soooo much! But, oh well we are all doing great so we will keep on with it i guess =)!
I can't believe this is the third thing i'm writing about, but we found the most precious little thing on Friday night and we decided we had to keep her instantly. She is absolutely the cutest thing EVER! WE named her Molly Jane. We think she's part rottweiler and part something else. Here she is, we hid her in my pocket book so that we could take her into walmart to get all of her goodies. She is still a baby baby.

We were up almost all night friday the only part of the night Saturday night. She's doing great wtih the other animals though. But, it is a good thing we're moving b/c we have officially outgrown this apartment!

We are heading to ATL this weekend to see Rob's brother and his family. Most importantly their precious little baby, Caroline! She is soo cute!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Independence Day!

It's Independence Day! Everytime I hear that phrase I think of the Martina McBride song, Independence Day. AHhh great song!

So I went to Tallahassee on a job hunt and came back more frustrated than before if that is possible. However, I am a lot calmer about the situation the more that I think about it and pray about it. As I mentioned in my previous post, my Mom and I both started our Masters this week. The work load for this is beyond what I thought it would be. I just feel like Tifton is where we need to be. It is where we always intended to end up and despite the rocky business of not having a teaching job. We feel we just need to head on down.

My masters program is proving that it will be alot of work. However, I'm so excited to be doing it with mama and the other girls I graduated with. Most of us are in the same class and it is so much easier doing it with someone you know and having that support system.

So I guess it's about that time to move. We have to find an apartment/house to rent in T-town soon. Like within the next three weeks! So if anyone knows of anything please let me know asap!

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Rob's dad's 65th Birthday! It should be an afternoon with good food and great family time. However, we will have to come home and finish homework for the week. Ahhhh, two students in the house is waaay to much =)!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy fourth of july! It's days like these that I miss Aunt Marolyn the most. It seems odd that we aren't all heading to the lake to celebrate. It's so hard and weird how things have changed. Cherish the time you have with your friends and family, you never know how long you have with them.