Friday, February 18, 2011

Keeping up with everything!

WOW has it been a while!

So much has happened.....

1. WE got married!

2. We had our first Christmas together

3. I got a brand new computer, that was much much needed.

I'm sure there was a lot of stuff in between. But that that is the majority of it!

My class is going amazing! We have two weeks until the state writing test so the crunch time has begun.Only 8 weeks until CRCT. Oh, how I have already begun to worry.

The best news is that one of my babies was tested into special education. Having her be in fifth grade and just now tested in was a huge accomplishment! My coworkers and I worked very hard but we made this happen. One of my babies has been off of his medicine for three weeks and we were beginning to beat our heads against the walls. Despite being on/off medicine, he has probably one of the most precious personalities that I've ever came across. This week I told him that I was going to have gray hair by the end of the year..... Well, he proceeds to tell me not to worry he's got some money and he was going to buy me some tracks? I said honey they don't make any for my hair. Oh, was I wrong. The next day he came to school and he had already figured me out a new hair style and he made sure they had it in dark brown =). Moments like these remind me why I love my job so much, even when his behavior makes me want to cry 90 % of the day.

We have began to buy some furniture for the house and it is slowly starting to look more and more like a home. Molly is eating us out of house and home. Beast is so far over his heart worm scare. Riley Anne is her charming self, and tonight Hershel Walker had a tad bit of a scare. Rob bought me a tazor? It is police grade, quite lethal if you asked me. I feel more dangerous than with a small hand gun. He got it for my safety at the school, since I go and work on the weekends. And a coworker and I are usually by ourselves. Well, despite growing up around different types of guns I still watch way to many Criminal Minds and watch too much news. I have a fear of shooting myself or someone else. All week we've had this Tazor gun and Rob has been dying to use the practice round. Well, after an hour of begging I give in. I shot it up high and didn't realize that Hershel was in my lap. He and I both flipped out and he ended up having his right cheek grazed by the thing that came out. Mama came down and saved the day while I cried hysterical. One reason we cannot move.... she was here in two minutes. Hello, these are her grandbabies.

On a much lighter note, I have started tutoring to allow Rob to focus on school more. I have completely fallen in love with these kids. It lets me know that it doesn't matter if I have the gifted class or the EIP class, I am doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing. I love my job. Every single minute.

One of the kids I tutor lives across the street, Caroline. I have fallen in love with this child. When Rob works we spend hours playing Just Dance on the Wii, Drawing, Dollar Tree Shopping..... the list goes on and on. Now, Rob has even gotten hooked and it lets me know how lucky I am to have a husband who loves being around kids as much as I do. Caroline has become our niece that we don't have yet or even a little sister. It's so nice to be in a neighborhood where this type of thing is possible. We have decided we can never move. =).

I have rambled on and on and I have got to finish working on homework, but it will be ook since I get to play on my brand new macbook pro which I am in love with!
I will leave with a few pictures from the wedding......



  1. I loved reading your "catching up" post! And thanks for the comment on my blog! It truly has become a huge part of me. While staying home with K all day, it allows me to "talk to other adults" without just talking to myself :). I have made several friendships through other blogs and I absolutely love it! It's such a stress reliever to me to just sit and read other blogs (although I typically only have that free time when I'm laying in bed at night!). I'm starting back classes soon, though, and I know I won't be able to blog as much :(.

  2. Congratulations on all the wonderful events in your life!

    I saw your comment on my blog, I have a Nikon P500 camera. It's a really nice point and shoot camera, but I really want a DSLR, preferably the Cannon Rebel. Hopefully I'll get one soon! I love taking pictures and the type camera you have can really make a huge difference in quality.

    Also, let me know if you want me to update your blog layout. Maybe we can update your pictures and add some wedding ones too! :-) Loved your pictures!