Monday, March 7, 2011

This thing called life.....

I am in no way trying to complain about life right now. When I look around at the things that have happened to so many of my friends, colleagues, or even others in the blog community I know that I should count my blessings. However, I'm just ugh. I haven't seen the person I call my Husband for more than three hours when I'm not sleeping in around a week. I know that this is our life right now. But, I'm just over this part. I wish he was done with school and could have normal hours. He goes to work at four. Well, I'm a teacher. What time do I get to leave the school? Four. I know it will get better in time. However, I'm just being a grump tonight. I'm lucky enough to be able to tutor four amazing kiddos each afternoon and this helps a lot. I am seeing all of them make such improvements and love each of them dearly.

As I'm writing this Rob comes home early from work because I've been so upset about missing him. Gah, I love that boy.

Enough of that venting and feeling sorry for myself. The writing test was last week. To say my class was behind grade level at the beginning of the year is putting it lightly. Most of my students thought it was amazing if they could write five sentences in August. Last week, I cried during the writing test. They did AMAZING. Every single one of my students did exactly as we had practiced. They all wrote on topic, most were at least a page and a half in length, and about half wrote in PARAGRAPHS! I was so excited and proud. I guess proud was the best word for last Wednesday. Now, we are on to the CRCT. I know they can do it!

As I've mentioned in previous post, Rob and I are renting a house in Tifton. To say that the house has been a constant money pit in fixing what the owner might not always consider important things would be about right. However, the neighborhood is PERFECT. Rob and I love it here. Other than being literally five houses down from my mom, our other neighbors are amazing. Caroline, a fourth grader across the street has taken over the roll as little sister. As well as, a fun drawing partner. We do not want to move and love it here. Therefore, we are staying put, as long as it is in the cards and despite the constant upkeep.

My favorite part of the upkeep is the yards. The yards at this house have not been touched in around at least ten years. So far we have completely gutted the left side and are preparing to plant oak leaf hydrangeas there. This bed was formally covered in ivy. We are still in pain. =). We've also extended the front bed to help lose the funeral home look of the house. I will post pictures when we are done. Yesterday it took us an hour to dig up an ollllllllld tea olive shrub that had been there at least thirty years. However, we did it =). To some this kind of stuff might seem like a never ending chore. Rob laughed at me every time i'd pull up a huge vine and ivy and say YES! It's more like therapy and I looove it.

After completing the current masters class I will be half way done. This program is sooo difficult. It is a constant stress factor and I cannot wait to be done! I have this thing called baby fever and so it needs to hurry up! Despite the fever, I'm not stupid. I have to have this done prior to babies if I can help it.

Until next time.


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